Our mission

umbrella organization

Eastern Arkansas Literacy Project (EALP) is an umbrella organization presiding over the Literacy Council of St. Francis County, the Cross County Literacy Council, and the Lee County Literacy Site.

We provide free, confidential tutoring to improve the adult literacy rate in St. Francis, Cross, and Lee counties, and we provide support and instruction to individuals wanting to study English as a Second Language (ESL).  


  • To increase public awareness concerning the problems of adult illiteracy and the solutions available by sponsoring a variety of activities to disseminate information and promote literacy activities


  • To provide opportunities for non-English speakers to study ESL


  • To assist in recruitment and training of students and volunteer tutors.


  • To identify and develop resources for maintenance and expansion of the adult literacy and ESL efforts.


  • To work with all levels of government and government representatives for further commitments to support literacy programs.